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Brand and Website Tutorial Sessions

Running a creative business is tough. It's fun, rewarding and enriching but it's also hard when you're spinning so many plates and feeling the pressure to get your head around ALL the things. We've worked with so many independent business owners who know that they need to be getting their brand out there but they're just, well...stuck.

It shouldn't be this difficult.

Let Us Help You

60 Minute Zoom Sessions

Making sure your brand is visible and reaching as many of the right people as possible isn't always easy. You can spend hours googling YouTube Tutorials but sometimes you just need someone to step in and give you the confidence to believe that you CAN do the techy bits without feeling completely at sea. We'll support you with everything from WordPress Website 'know how' to setting up Google Analytics and help you to get your brand in front of YOUR people.

There's no point in having all the shiny bits and pieces if you've no idea how to get your business out there.

Our 60 minute Zoom sessions are designed around you and the areas you might be struggling with. After an initial chat we'll talk through which tutorials might work best for you and then go from there!

Pick 'n' Mix From The Following Sessions:

  • How To Use Canva To Create Social Media Graphics
  • How To Set Up and Use A WordPress Blog
  • How To Use Yoast To SEO Your Website

  • How To Use Instagram To Market Your Brand
  • How To Set Up and Nurture A Mailing List
  • How To Make Simple Edits To Your WordPress Website

Each Session Will Be Delivered Via Zoom

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“I have honestly loved our tutorial sessions and will miss chatting to you! It's been so insightful and absolutely invaluable to my small business. I really do hope our paths cross again in the near future.”

· The Dairy Studio ·

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