Our Studio Overhaul

Hannah Stubbs

Why We Do What We Do

04 August 2019

A recent Sheffield Telegraph report highlighted our little city as one of the best places to be self employed; ranked fifth in the country this could be down to a whole host of reasons and there is no doubt that the number of independent businesses appearing is on the rise.

Having worked for many years in the graphic design industry we began our own studio with the purpose of helping these new businesses to grow and develop and to give our clients the opportunity to stamp their own unique personality all over their branding.

Whether this be for a boutique selling beautiful homeware, or for a carpenter creating the best in bespoke wooden furniture, working with clients who have an eye for detail is what we love to do. We always seek to work with clients who understand the importance of great design and how it can hugely affect the long term appeal and growth of their business.

Developing a logo and website for your business is not just a simple necessity. How you are perceived by potential clients and the ethos behind what you do, has to be reflected in careful design choices and should represent everything that is brilliant about you. When it comes to knowing where to go and who to trust with your design choices, it can feel like a total minefield. You want to get it right and you want the studio you work with to understand the importance of those little details. It may also be that you've found yourself in a situation where your business is well established but your branding is lacking a little love and isn't what you'd envisaged.

Wherever you may be, we can work alongside you to produce a creative logo, website and branding package which will showcase the very best that you have to offer. Good design should give you the confidence to shout about your business and to gain the recognition it no doubt deserves. If you'd like to find out more about what we can offer and how we can help then take a look here, drop us a line or just say hello. We'd love to hear from you.