What Should A Brand Design Package Include?

After designing creative brand packages for many independent business owners, we know that the process can feel enormously exciting but equally nerve-wracking. There are a million and one brand designers out there who will all be offering different services and it can be tricky to know what you’re actually paying for and what you’re going to get in the end.

There’s a significant difference between a ‘logo-only’ service and a full rebrand and it’s important to understand the difference before you start the brand design process.

At Bonny and Clyde Design Studio, we don’t create logos. Why?

Because a logo just isn’t enough to create a strong visual identity and it won’t allow you to be consistent in the way you show up across multiple platforms. Whilst a DIY or ‘cheap’ logo might serve you in the early stages of growing your business it will run out of steam and won’t allow you to connect with your ideal client.

So, if you’re ready to invest in a full rebrand, here’s what you should expect…

The Brand Questionnaire

After a consultation call, your designer should be spending the time really getting to know you and your target audience. If you’re investing in a full rebrand, it’s highly likely that you’ll be asked to complete some form of questionnaire which gets under the skin of who you are and how you do things differently.

Alarm bells should be ringing if you’re not asked these all-important questions – it’s impossible to design an in depth brand identity without incorporating these key elements!

The Moodboard

This is possibly the most important aspect of the creative brand design process and almost all designers will provide you with a curated moodboard that lays out initial thoughts and ideas.

If the moodboard isn’t evoking the right feeling for your brand then neither will the first concept. This element has to be nailed.

The moodboard is likely to include images that represent the feel and mood of your brand, colour and texture decisions and most importantly, font choices. Make sure you’re clear about how many times the moodboard can be amended before you have to pay an additional charge. We allow three amendments to our mood boards before there is an added fee.

Images via Pinterest. Brand Curation by Bonny and Clyde Design Studio

Concept Designs

Once a moodboard has been finalised it”s time to draft your first brand concepts. Exciting!

If you’ve invested in a complete brand package your concept board is likely to include ideas for your primary logo, secondary logos, brand icons, brand stationery, website and social media mock-ups, and other additional elements which allow your designer to display your new brand within context. Again make sure you’re clear about how many concepts you’ll receive and how many amendments can be made.

Brand Design Concept by Bonny and Clyde Design Studio

The Brand Pack

Once your concept has been finalised, you will receive a ‘brand pack’ which is likely to include the following:

  • Your logo in all variations and formats (jpeg, png, pdf etc)
  • Your submark and brand icons in all variations and formats
  • Your colour pallette and hex codes
  • Any textures or patterns to be included
  • Social media templates
  • Launch Graphics
  • The names of fonts chosen and complimentray fonts for use across social platforms and your website
  • A Brand Style Guide to show you how your brand should be displayed across multiple platforms
Brand Pack Elements

Always make sure you ask exactly what will be included in the final pack – there’s nothing worse than paying for something which you then don’t get. We’ve lost count of the number of creative business owners who’ve had nightmarish experiences with companies that have simply over promised and under delivered.

And that’s just not on.

Final Thoughts

There are a whole lot of people out there who can design a logo for £50.00 and that’s all well and good in the early stages of building your business. However, once you’ve become more established and you’re looking to elevate your visual identity, a complete brand package will give you all the elements you need to establish a beautiful, cohesive brand.

Great brand designers all work in their own unique way but it’s so important that you and your designer are clear about expectations – if you’re not sure about the process or what you’re paying for then make sure you ask! Follow them on social media, visit their website and book in for a chat. There’s no better way of knowing whether a designer is right for you than having a natter face to face or via the wonders of zoom (!)

If you’re ready to get out there and shout about what makes you special then we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us here or have a browse through our website to find out more about how we can help.

Speak soon!

Hannah and Toby x

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