The 7 Benefits Of Blogging

Gone are the days when blogging was simply about recording your day-to-day life and sharing what you had for breakfast.

Now we’re all told we need a blog to increase our online presence and with the rapid demise of Instagram to promote our creative business, (what the heck is up with this new update) we all need to look at other ways to engage our target audience.

There are tons of benefits to blogging but here are seven little snippets that will help get you started.

1. A Blog Gives You Authority

Your website is a window into your world and your blog gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about your area of expertise. Using your blog to impart knowledge is absolutely essential and gives visitors confidence that you actually know what you’re talking about.

Because you do.

2. Power Of Connection

In an online world, we can often forget the importance of real-life human connection. If you’ve worked with others in your industry and collaborated on something special, then share the love. This isn’t just about linking other business owners for a ‘better’ SEO score. It’s about championing others, supporting independents, and allowing other people to celebrate what you do.

Reading about exciting collaborations also gives folk further insight into your ethos and what you actually stand for.

3. Tips and Tricks

The default blog post is often one that simply showcases your work. However, there should always be a key element of sharing advice and guidance on your blog.

What can you be sharing that will be helpful to your visitors?

What do you know that they don’t?

What do they want to know?

Create posts that are helpful, useful, and much needed and think about how you can really support your readers. This will always encourage people to check back in and value your insight.

Tips and Tricks Blog Post by Bonny and Clyde Design Studio

4. Linking Out

If you’re not using clickable links in your blog posts then you need to go back and add them in.


If you’ve visited somewhere that would interest your ideal client, link it.

If you’ve worked with a supplier, link them.

If you’ve purchased something great, link that too.

Linking out gives value to your readers and allows Google to better understand the purpose of your website.

5. Build a Picture

Your blog gives people a greater opportunity to understand YOU and what you offer. There will always be some info that doesn’t quite sit right within your main website so use the blog to give further insight into what you do, how you work, and what makes you unique.

6. Share It

It’s more likely that someone will stumble across your blog if you’ve shared it across multiple platforms. Get it on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and widen the net to capture your audience. It takes a little bit of extra time but what’s the point in writing a blog if no one’s reading it.

Sharing Your Blog Content on Pinterest

7. Those Keywords

Well, I guess I had to mention them somewhere didn’t I? Blog posting isn’t just about using keywords but it’s important that you get them in somewhere.

What words and phrases would like to be found for?

Incorporate these “gently” into your individual posts but don’t stuff them in. It’s more important that your post is valuable and insightful and cramming in keywords will completely undermine this. So many of us fall short of ever writing a post because we worry too much about littering it with endless words and phrases…

Instead, write with conviction, mean what you say and stick to your key message.

Want To Get Started?

We always encourage our clients to add a blog area to their website and this is super simple with a platform like WordPress. If you’d like to find out more about who we are what we do and how we can help with the setup of your own blog then head over to our website and say hello!

Hannah and Toby xx

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