Six ‘Starting Up Your Own Creative Business’ Myths

What is running your own business really like?

Will you bask in the delights of having loads more free time?

Will you have the choice to do what you like, when you like?

Will you have the chance to flit about, expressing all your creative whims on a daily basis?

Well maybe, but it’s not a given!

Setting up your own creative business is not for the faint-hearted and it can be a serious slog. However, it’s all too common to read about how simple and lovely it all is, and then feel a bit rubbish when you’re having a down day/week/month. Here are six ‘setting up your own business’ myths that we should all remind ourselves of when the going gets tough.

Myth 1

You’ll always work with your ‘ideal’ client.

Let’s get real here. Everyone has bills to pay and in the early days, you will have to work on projects that are far from ideal. As time goes on you’ll become more aware of the people you want to work with and your brand identity and messaging will reflect that. In the early days though it’s a necessity to build a portfolio and chalk up some great experience.

Ideal or not.

Myth 2

Everyone will want to see you succeed.

The majority will but they’ll be a small minority who can’t wait to see you fail. Let’s not forget the hideous green-eyed monster syndrome which can be really common if you’re leaving a somewhat soulless job to go out and scratch your creative itch. That won’t always sit well for the people you’re leaving behind.

Close your ears to these folk as there’ll be many more who are championing you from the sidelines.

Myth 3

You’ll earn a 6 figure salary in your first year by setting up a ‘passive’ income.

You all know what we think about this. It’s utter nonsense and there’s nothing we hate more than scrolling through endless social media posts which tell you otherwise.

There is no such thing as a ‘passive’ income. The amount of time it takes to set up and then effectively monitor, tweak and advance this income is enormous and you’ll need a whole lot of energy (which you just won’t have when you first start out on your own.)

Later down the line? Well, anything is possible.

Myth 4

It will be fun, fun, fun every day.

Errr no. Like all jobs, there are days when it’s all too much and you want to chuck the towel in. There’s the financial worry, the imposter syndrome, the thought that everything you’re doing is wrong and everyone knows it.

And they’ll be other days when it’s absolutely amazing.

Myth 5

Everyone you work with will be kind and lovely.

Thankfully 99.9% of the folk we work with are, but there’s always one.

The clients that just don’t get it.

The rude and obnoxious types or those passive-aggressive sorts.

The people that don’t pay on time.

The ones that question your worth.

They don’t define your business so kill them with kindness and then let them go.

Myth 6

You won’t feel bothered about missing holidays.

You have to make sacrifices when you start out and that’s ok! It’s also ok to feel a bit envious watching others jet off on foreign holidays. It’s just human nature so don’t beat yourself up about it.

Any more to add to the list?! Come and share your thoughts over on our feed as I know you’ll all have your own experiences!

Have a good one!

Hannah and Toby x

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