The Bonny & Clyde Design Studio Relaunch

When we first opened our design studio we thought we knew what we were aiming to do – provide great graphic design services for small business owners.

Simple really.

However, as the studio grew and evolved it was clear that we were creating a service that was way beyond the offerings of a run-of-the-mill design studio. We were saying no to uninspiring projects and the people seeking out our services came armed with masses of inspiration and exciting prospects.

Our previous branding, whilst serving us well, was no longer up to the job and we knew it was time to go back to the drawing board. Cue endless decision-making and equally endless sleepless nights. The formal, stark, and dare I say it, corporate logo had to go so we could revisit the values that were important to us. The B&C brand needed to instill a sense of warmth and authenticity.

A little homespun but equally design lead with no sense of bravado or ‘in your face’ shouty fonts. Why?

Because whilst we’re obsessive about the design details, our sole aim is to ensure creative business owners feel proud of the businesses they have built. We have connected with Makers and Creators across the country (and across the pond) who need more than just brand and web design. They need an active champion, someone to share their vision with and most importantly a pair who understand just how hard running a business can be. Over the last few months we have listened intently to our lovely clients and they tell us this.

They don’t want to spend time working with a million different people on a million different things.

Well with us, you really don’t have to. Through authentic brand and web design, we’re here for all the Simplicity Seekers – those amazing folk who understand the importance of beautiful design but are spinning way too many plates to focus on developing a brand identity. Together, we have combined our own unique skills to create a small (but perfectly formed) studio that provides creatives like you with all the design elements you could ever need to make your business glow. From hosting your website to setting up your domain name – sorting out your business email to creating your beautiful brand materials, we have all the bases covered. But more importantly, we’re always on hand to share your ideas or allow the need for a good old rant. We get it which is why our clients become friends and why we continue to support them long after their brand has launched.

Brand Photography by Karina Lax Photography

Authentic and honest design should give you the confidence to shout about your business and to gain the recognition it no doubt deserves. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, so now is the time to show just how fabulous you really are. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help then take a wander through our website, drop us a line or just say pop in and say hello. We’d love to hear from you so let’s get started.

Hannah and Toby xx

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