Setting Up Your Domain Name and Hosting

When you’ve decided it’s time to get out there and work with a creative website designer you’re going to need to cover off some of the less ‘exciting’ technical details. Whilst this isn’t as fun, it’s absolutely essential that you’re clear about these details so you’re not baffled further down the line!

Purchasing Your Domain Name

Put simply, your domain name is literally the name of your website and is prefaced with the oh-so-familiar www. If you’re in the process of rebranding and you’re changing your business name entirely, then you’ll also need to purchase a brand new domain name.

There are a million and one companies out there who sell domain names including Siteground, 123 reg, Godaddy and Bluehost. The average cost of a domain name is anywhere between £12.99 and £20.00 a year so it’s worth a quick shop around to compare prices. It’s also worth purchasing both the .com and set up so it’s not snapped up by another business later down the line.

What if I’m keeping my old domain name but having a new website built?

This isn’t a problem as long as you’ve discussed the details with your designer first. We’re able to ‘point’ an existing domain name to a new website but this does involve some technical knowledge. Some designers will steer away from this area so always double-check your website contract and whether you’re going to be left dealing with this yourself.

Hosting Providers

If you have a website then you’re also paying a hosting provider. The ‘host’ will allow you to use a small proportion of their space to allow your website to sit in cyberspace. No host, no website.

We use Siteground to host all our websites as the customer service is excellent and they offer brilliant support when needed. It’s a good idea to ask your domain name provider if they can also provide you with hosting as there are some good deals to be had when bundled together. You will usually be charged for hosting on an annual basis and this price can vary hugely so always run a comparison.

The longer you stay with a provider the more likely it is that they will negotiate on price so don’t forget to check in with them every year to see if you can cut costs.

The SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate ensures your site is secure and gives clients confidence that your website can be trusted (particularly if you’re selling a physical product.) Always make sure that you’re hosting package includes an SSL certficate and ensure this is updated every year.

Keeping Note Of Your Passwords

Once you’ve set up your domain name and hosting you MUST keep a record of your log in details to pass to your web developer. They will need this information to transfer an existing domain to a new website or to chat with your support team should any issues arise during the build.

Can You Sort The Technical Bits For Me?

YES! There are lots of designers who prefer not to get involved in this area and it can feel like a minefield trying to sort out these extra details. However, if you’re working with us we take care of all the backend bits and bobs such as purchasing your domain name and setting up your hosting. The only thing you’ll need to do is pay an annual fee to cover these costs and you’ll be offered options as to how and when you pay. You won’t need to deal with any scary techy customer service folk, and we’ll act on your behalf should any issues arise.

You’re welcome!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help with creating a beautiful, unique website just for you, then you can visit our FAQ page or drop us a line through our contact form. We’re now taking design bookings for January 2023 so come over and say hi.

Speak soon!

Hannah and Toby x

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