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Hannah Stubbs

Our Studio Overhaul

04 August 2019

If you follow us over on instagram you might be aware that we are around ninety per cent through a Victorian home renovation.

After much deliberation, we turned our attention to one of the most important spaces in the house: namely the Bonny & Clyde Design Studio. After we both made the decision to work full time from home, it became very apparent that the office space was just not fit for purpose. Without going into too much detail, there was actually a shower in this room (and when I say shower I mean a box with a shower head in it) and huge fitted wardrobes which dominated the space. Now that we’ve attacked both of these issues with a giant sledgehammer and begun decorating the room, we are happy to say that the studio is almost complete. There are still the all important 'bits and pieces' which need to be added but most of the larger issues have finally been resolved!

The Desk

The desk had to be big one. It was built using reclaimed scaffolding boards which were subsequently 'weathered' using liming wax and soil (yes you heard correctly. Soil.) Creating an L shaped desk meant that we could house two iMacs, a laptop, light box and Wacon tablet which is used for illustrative work. As we both use the studio side by side, I also needed my own area for general pretty things – much to Toby’s disdain.

Although I love A frame legs, they are space inhibitive so we opted for a hair pin leg instead. That way we can fit two or three chairs underneath, without scraping our knees to shreds.


The floor was an occupational hazard when we began this room and you risked your life every day by simply stepping on it. We opted for a grey wood effect tile which won't scratch when you are wheeling chairs over it and gives a clean line to the room.


Now the random shower and wardrobes have been ripped out we have a complete wall which can be used for floor to ceiling shelving. We are hoping to use a range of crates and boxes to house our mountain of paper wares and general stationery. Our book collection is also reaching new heights so we will add some (more) reclaimed shelves to carry their weight.


Although Toby and I love a bit of Pinterest we both work better when we print our inspiration and photographs to create a physical moodboard. With this in mind we will eventually use one of the smaller walls to attach a full length cork board. This can be used to pin away to our hearts content and can easily be changed up with each new project.

We are both huge fans of plants and greenery so I’m guessing this is going to feature more heavily, as will endless black and white prints of our idols. We have also gathered a whole ton of curios and little pieces over the years which are all crying out for a permanent home.

We are still pinning furiously with more studio inspiration but we finally feel we are breaking the back of it. Not being surrounded by builders, plasterers and plumbers feels like a bit of a luxury and now we can have the time to focus more clearly. Instead we can now obsess about office chairs 24 hours a day. Does that classic combination of comfort and style actually exist?!