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IzzoSew Studio: Learn To Sew Your Own Clothes

The Demise Of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is deadly.

Filling our landfills with clothes we wear once (and then bin) is a something we all know has to stop. 85% of all textiles go to dumps each year and the fast fashion industry is responsible for almost 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

As we become more aware of the damage this industry has created and look towards making more sustainable choices, sewing our own clothes is having a resurgence. However many of us lack the confidence to give it a go or don’t know one end of a needle from another. So where do we start if we’re keen to learn the craft?

Building An Inclusive Sewing Community

Izzy is the passionate founder of IzzoSew Studio, an encouraging and inclusive sewing community empowering people to make sustainable clothing choices. Based in Sheffield, Izzy and her team help people to achieve the perfect fit for their garments through a wide range of classes, retreats and social sewing days. With a background in architectural design Izzy firmly believes that sewing is so much more than a pastime or hobby; it’s an expression of creativity, a place to practise mindfulness and a way of empowering others to make sustainable clothing choices.

Izzy uses her skill set to teach others how how to practically sew a garment together whilst her pattern drafting skills allow her to design unique sewing patterns. She is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others through sewing masterclasses, luxury weekend retreats and online video tutorials.

We love to see how much joy sewing gives and we genuinely love teaching people how to sew!

Sheffield Sewing Events

The studio fosters a strong sense of community by organising large social sewing days, hosting fashion documentary film evenings, and providing luxury sewing retreats. These events are known for their calm, welcoming environments where people feel relaxed and able to learn confidently in an inclusive environment; the perfect place to develop collaborative projects where sewers can share their work and support each other’s creative journeys.

Want To Know More?

If you’d love to get your sewing hat on, IzzoSew Studio are soon to host two upcoming sewing retreats at Kenwood Hall, Sheffield on 22nd – 23rd June and 19-20th August. These retreats always sell out, but they do have a few remaining places available to book so If you’d like to grab your space then you can do so right here.

As well as hosting these brilliant events Izzy is also excited to launch their third sewing pattern in July, a project they’ve have been working hard on for the last 6 months.

We’re always here to champion passionate independent businesses and to help build more creative communities. If you’d like to know more about IzzoSew you can read more on their website or follow along on their IG. Get in touch and get sewing!

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