How To Nurture Your Website

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Now come on. Be honest.

How often do you update your website?





Unfortunately, a website left to its own devices is essentially dead and buried.

I know it’s harsh but it is.

Google love to see new content (which we all know) but the main purpose of a website is to keep your audience in the know. If you’re not going to update it on a regular basis and show it some love every now and again, then there’s no point having one. There’s nothing worse than landing on a site that has been left to wither and crumble.

I already feel sorry for it.

By checking in with your website on a weekly or monthly basis you’ll be making sure that Google can still trawl your website for all the good stuff AND your clients will be reminded of just how brilliant you are. Here are a few things that you should be regularly checking:

Website Images

How old are your website photos? A website is essentially words and pictures and if these are out of date then you’re just not showing your ‘shop front’ in the best possible way. Take the time to go through your site and remove any photos that no longer reflect your best possible work and add in any new images that you absolutely love. First impressions count so get in the habit of getting new photography on your website when you can. Remember to also use ALT tags on your new photos to ensure your site is as accessible as it can be.

Check Your Copy

When was the last time you read through your website text? Does it still reflect the type of service you offer? Is it drawing the right clients to you? If you’ve had your website for a while it might be time to get a professional copywriter to look through the wording of your site. They’ll be able to give a fresh insight if you’re struggling to convey your message. Make sure you also remove any text that no longer accurately reflects what you do. You don’t want your audience to be contacting you about services you no longer offer.

Update Your Prices

We should all be doing this as often as is feasible. If your pricing isn’t on your site, why not? The majority of people are time-poor and don’t want to spend time going back and forth ‘negotiating’ costs. A starting price is always super helpful and will allow you to build trust with your clients and speed up the process.

Add New Testimonials.

How old are your testimonials? Are they relevant to what you do now? When we’re running creative businesses it can be hard to find the time to request glowing testimonials but make it part and parcel of your process. Lovely reviews are essential on a website so make sure you’re including your latest testimonials and ditch any that don’t include words you want to be known for.

New Creative Services

Creative folk are often multi-talented and it’s likely you offer more than one service. If you’ve got new and exciting things to engage your audience then make sure they know about them! Websites are for information sharing yet often we can forget to shout about all the things that make us special. Check in on your services pages and keep them fresh and up to date.

Blog, Blog, Blog

Please don’t throw your computer at us. Blogging is the simplest way to keep your site up to date and whilst regular posting is brilliant for SEO, it’s also a great way to keep people engaged with what you do.

How can you help your readers? What do they need from you? Do you have any Frequently Asked Questions that could be addressed through a great blog article? No more excuses! Go and crack on as blog posting is the way forward! You can also read a little more about the benefits of blogging right here.

Your Contact Details

Is your contact info up to date? Have you moved premises or changed your business phone number? This is a really quick win so go in and double check that clients can find you as simply as possible.

Add New Frequently Asked Questions

When we first began Bonny and Clyde Design Studio, we were asked very general questions about what we offer and we addressed these on our FAQ page. However, as time goes by we are asked for far more detailed guidance as our
ideal client has changed significantly. There is no point in having an FAQ page if you’re not addressing the real needs of your audience. Are you being as helpful as you can here or is it just a page that gets totally neglected? Go in and make sure that you’re offering real worth and value through this page.

Sooooo… go forth and show your website some love. Putting our creative business on Instagram should not be our only form of marketing as one day our website might be the only thing we have!

On a side note all our lovely clients are reminded when it’s time to check-in with their websites and if they want us to do the updating for them…we get right on and do it.

If you’d like to find out more about working with us then do drop us a line here as we’d love to meet you!

Take Care

Hannah and Toby xx

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