How To Launch Your New Brand.

If you’ve paid a designer to create a beautiful new brand identity, then you’ll be eager to get it out into the world (however nerve-wracking this may be!) Before making it public though, it’s really important to consider how you will launch and how to create a buzz before the day itself.

A little forward planning is essential to showing consistency and will allow you to build trust with your ideal clients.

The Count Down

To launch your new brand you’ll need a firm date in the diary. Get this date in the calendar and start working back from this day. Avoid changing or ‘tweaking’ anything on your social media platforms before this time. If a potential client stumbles across different brand identities on different platforms, they’re only going to feel confused.

Confusion leads to lack of trust.

We believe a week-long countdown is more than enough to get your audience engaged. Use pre-designed numerical graphics (which you should have been provided with by your designer) to post on social media. These graphics will inform your ideal clients that there is something new on the horizon and will allow them to navigate towards your website on your launch day. These posts should only show a sneak peek of your branding – they could include colours, a new pattern or a countdown figure which showcases a new font.

Avoid posting your now logo design as this should be kept under wraps for now!

Branded Documents

Once you’ve set your launch date, make a list of everything you need to change and rebrand. This might include your online brochure, email signature, website, invoices, PDF documents, and proposals. It’s so important to give yourself time to do this – a lack of consistency across your branded documents can look unprofessional and will again cause confusion.

Use this time to also consider how you might inform your current clients of your rebrand. Sending a beautifully designed notecard or a branded gift to your current audience will give you a greater chance of your rebrand being shared across multiple platforms on the day of launch.

Your New Website

If you’ve paid for a full brand package and this includes a new website build, then a holding page should be used whilst changes to the website are being made – NEVER make drastic changes without implementing this step first. When a potential client lands on a site that is broken or half-finished, they don’t return.

Make sure everything is working as it should and set your new site live on the day of the launch – this way people won’t be confused viewing outdated brand design on your website and new brand design on your socials.

Building Excitement

Start to think about a possible way to engage clients on the relaunch date. It might be that you run a little competition, go live, do a video or run a Q and A. Being super visible on the day will drive your audience to your website and allow you to build future connections.

Launch Day

The evening before you launch, ensure you have changed your social media logo, name, and any other images or text that display your old branding.

Leave no stone unturned!

Where can you be seen?

Have you checked and double-checked that you are now consistent across all platforms?

Now is the time to also switch over to your new email account if you have changed your email address. You may need to send a number of test emails to ensure this is all working nicely.

On the day itself, post on socials, post, and post some more! You will be given launch graphics to display your new brand in the best possible way so make sure you use these rather than trying to create anything yourself. Ensure you are driving your clients to your new site and give them instructions as to how you want them to connect. If you’re running a promotional offer or competition, implement this on this day.

Use this opportunity to really shout about what makes you special and talk about the reason you decided to rebrand. People buy from people and they want to hear your story as well as viewing fantastic new visuals.

You may have had time to send out branded gifts or stationery to your current audience so make sure you share their posts too and be as visible as possible. Tag and credit all the people who have made your brand relaunch possible including your designer, brand photographer and copywriter. The more you credit, (which is so important) the more likely others are to share your rebrand.


Going through a rebrand process is really exciting and with some thoughtful planning and preparation, you can now take the time to really relish in your new identity! Have a glass of wine, raise a glass and be proud of everything you’ve achieved.

If you’d like to find out more about our brand design service then we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a message here and say hi!

Hannah and Toby xx

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