What The Hell Do I Blog About?

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The What Not The Why

You know WHY you should blog. You know about the benefits and why it’s a pretty good idea. You know it’s what everyone else is supposedly doing.

But then you look at a blank screen and want to cry.

Creating blog posts can feel like a massive pain in the backside. Just another thing to remember to do and another ‘fad’ you’ve got to get on board with. Yes, posting blogs does take time (anyone who says it takes five minutes is lying to you,) but when you start creating content that you’re inspired by and you know that potentially it’s actually going to really help people… well then it starts to feel a bit different.

We like to think of individual posts as little avenues; each avenue leading right into your world and opening up more opportunities for like-minded folk to find you. We’re not here to give you carbon copies or templates but instead, we want you to tap into the things that really inspire you and get you to think about writing posts that you know others will connect with.

If you’ve no idea where to start then this post might just get you up and running and if not, well we did try!

The ‘Look At My Work’ Blog Posts

If you’re staring at a blank screen then these types of posts are often the quickest and easiest to create. Work-related posts will allow you to showcase professional photos of your work and give context. You might talk about a recent project you’ve completed or a special place you’ve worked at. You can also link out to collaborators and ask them to share their insights too.

Whilst this is a brilliant starting point it’s always a good thing to mix things up a bit so your visitors get a really holistic view of what you’re all about.

The ‘Let Me Help You’ Blog Posts

In our creative business, these types of posts make up the majority of our blog as we have a lot of ground to cover. There are a million and one questions that clients ask us, or need help with so each of these posts is designed to answer those niggles.

These blog posts often start with ‘How To,’ Five Ways To, Ten Reasons Why etc,’ and are written to specifically help and guide.

What questions are you frequently asked that could be answered within a blog post?

What tips and advice can you share that would give visitors to your site that lovely ‘Ah Ha’ moment!?

What issues are arising in your industry right now that you think people should know about?

There are a million and one posts that can be written by focusing on the needs of your people. They want your help but are often too afraid to ask so give them what they’re looking for and then lead them into the rest of your site.

Let Me Help You Content. Blog Post From us Here at Bonny and Clyde Design Studio

The ‘Meat On The Bones’ Blog Posts

Harder to write but OH SO IMPORTANT.

There is a tendency to believe that people only buy a product or service because they like your work. Of course, this will be a HUGE factor but it won’t be the only factor.

We say it all the time but people really do buy from people and offering visitors a wider insight into your world gives them more opportunity to really connect. Your audience isn’t only interested in the ‘thing’ you sell. They’ll often have shared interests that give you the chance to create content that’s a little more ‘out of the box.’ If you’re not sure what we’re banging on about, then here are some possible prompts.

What do you see happening in your industry that inspires you or saddens you? Why?

How are others approaching their craft and how do you do it differently?

What was your first year in business like? What advice would you offer to anyone thinking of starting a creative business?

What’s your opinion on the way things are done traditionally? Are you carving out a different way of doing things?

Do you have a network of people that you want to champion? What do you find inspiring about them?

Have you ever read anything and thought, ‘what a load of rubbish.’ Why? Contest it and write about it.

What shared interests do you have with your ideal client? Do your clients love to be outside or perhaps they’re avid readers. Do you have any special places you’d recommend they visit or amazing books you’ve just read?

Have you visited somewhere that you know your audience would love? Can you tell them about it?

Is there an event happening that people should know about? Give them some details!

You might wonder whether anyone cares about this type of stuff and the answer is many won’t, but many really, really will and they’re the only people that matter. If you’re writing content that lifts you up and inspires you, you’re more likely to feel motivated to put it out there and when we do this we find that we widen the net to capture those like-minded individuals.

And To Wrap Up…

We’re not here to tell you when exactly to post or how many times to show up. We’re not here to smack you on the hands because you didn’t stuff your posts full of keywords or you forgot to add loads of links.

We’re just here to say give it a go. Tap into the things that you want to write about and the rest will naturally follow.

If you’re looking for extra support or you just need a guiding hand then you can sign up to our monthly newsletter by visiting our website. We promise no spammy rubbish.

Because Spam tastes pretty gross.

See you soon!

Hannah and Toby x

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