How To Create a Powerful Wedding Business Brand

Bonny & Clyde Design Studio, Image by Sarah Folega

Makers and Creators

We work alongside Makers and Creators who want to shout about what makes them special through brilliant branding and beautiful web design. Many of these great people work in the wedding industry and know that it’s time to get out there and shine amongst the masses.

Doing this yourself isn’t easy.

When you’re running a business it can be so hard to focus on building an authentic brand when you have a million and one other things to get your head around. However, a ‘logo’ bashed out in Canva is never going to represent who you are and what you do in the best possible way and sometimes it’s just time to hand it over to the professionals.

The Wedding Business Club

We know what it’s like to run a wedding business and we also know how important it is to have a strong brand that speaks to the people you want to work with. Faye Cornhill, founder of The Wedding Business Club knows this more than most so when I was asked to be interviewed for her brilliant podcast it was a no-brainer. I have known Faye for over a year and as a mentor, coach, author, and luxury wedding photographer, she seriously knows her stuff.

Faye Cornhill, Founder of the Wedding Business Club

Building Trust

Together we spoke about the importance of creating a truly honest brand that gets to the heart of what you’re all about. When you hit the nail on the head and get this element just right, you can start to charge your worth. You allow your clients to build a relationship with you and this leads to greater fulfillment from the work you do. You are your brand and when this comes through it can completely change the way you work.

No more selling your soul to the devil and bartering over your prices.

Creating Unique Brand Design for Life’s A Pitch

You can listen to the whole podcast here so do go over and have a listen. You might want to get settled in as you’ll also find me getting on my soapbox about the mistakes people make when branding their own business. I like to tell it how it is.

If you’re interested to find out more about what we do then you can head over to our website or come and follow us on the old IG. Our diary is now open for brand and web design from January 2023 so drop us a line.

See you on the other side xx

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