How To Create A Great Website Homepage

The homepage of your website is often the first page that your visitors will see. As disheartening as it might sound – you don’t have long to make a first impression and if you’re not packing a punch within the first few seconds, then you may have lost a potential client. Your homepage needs to draw your audience in and lead them right where you want them (without any unnecessary fluff and faff.)

Think of the homepage on your website like the front cover of a really great book or the window to a beautiful shop. How are you going to draw your viewers in?

Get To The Point

You only have a short time to grab attention so don’t waffle on! We see so many websites where creative business owners spend too much time talking about themselves and not enough time talking about how they can help. Ideally, you should be aiming for around 500 words on your homepage. Any more and you’re just confusing the issue.

Your homepage needs to tell your audience:

Who you are.

What you do.

How you do it differently.

How you can help them.

How to contact you.

Remember that your homepage is acting as a map to allow your visitors to navigate themselves around the rest of your website. It doesn’t need to cover every aspect of what you do as the remaining pages will do this job for you.

If you’re struggling to find your brand voice then ALWAYS use a copywriter. Writing in your own authentic voice builds connections so if you’re not a corporate agency then ditch the formal stuffy language and write from your heart.

The Power Of Photography

This aspect is beyond important for creative business owners. The first image your audience sees should be your showstopper. The one image that will stop them in their tracks or pique their interest and commonly referred to as your ‘hero’ image.

A photo speaks a thousand words so make sure you are carefully curating the images that appear on your homepage. Do they accurately reflect what you offer? Are they truly representative of your brand?

PLEASE. No iPhone photos, no screenshots – this is where you need to pay the professionals as it can be the difference between a visitor entering your world or walking straight past the window.

Brand Photography by Karina Lax for Bonny and Clyde Design Studio

The Glowing Review

It’s so important to give people a reason to want to work with you and you don’t want visitors to have to search for that reason.

Always try and include your very best review on your homepage and get it out there, front and centre.

Your Main Offerings

Do you offer more than one service? What are the key offerings that you want to share with your audience?

Within your homepage you should always guide your potential clients to your main drivers – the services which drive the most revenue to your business. Clearly separate these services so your audience can be guided towards these areas as quickly as possible.

Main Service Areas Designed by Bonny and Clyde Design Studio

Lead Them To The Counter

Nobody wants to work their way around a website trying to find a way to contact you.

Make sure you have at least two contact ‘call to action’ buttons somewhere on your home page and get your audience where you want them quickly and efficiently.

There are so many elements to consider when thinking about your website design and If you work alongside us we will always offer advice and support about which aspects work best. Having a site professionally designed means you can stop stressing about the technicalities and focus on the parts of your creative business that you actually enjoy!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help then contact us here on our website and say hello!

Hannah and Toby xx

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