How Do You Know When To Rebrand?

Deciding to rebrand is not a decision to be taken lightly. It involves time, effort, and a huge willingness to be open about the way you hope to move forward. However, if any of the following indicators are ringing true then now might just be the time.

You’re Lacking Confidence

Creating a strong brand identity gives you the confidence to get you out there and forge lasting connections. If you’ve created a DIY brand or you’re embarrassed to put your name out into the world, then it’s probably time for a rethink. It is COMPLETELY normal (especially during the early phases of your business) to create your own logo – you just need some sort of visual presence. As your vision becomes clearer though you may feel that your attempts are not showcasing you or your business in the best possible light.

You can’t do everything and nor should you!

You’re Attracting The Wrong Folk

Trying to appeal to everyone will mean you’re appealing to no one so if you’re tired of attracting people who don’t value your worth then look again at your brand identity.

What is it saying to people?

Does your brand have the right vibe to attract those people YOU want to work with?

If you’re trying to attract a higher-paying client, does your branding represent the quality of what you offer?

Charging your worth is everything but to do this there must be consistency in what you offer and the visual cues you are putting out there.

Shoddy design won’t help.

You Want To Increase Your Prices

If it’s time to start charging your worth (which it is) and stop underselling yourself then it’s time for a rebrand. Thoughtful design instills trust and gives clients the confidence that you know your stuff.

Because you do.

Surface level design that lacks understanding, weakens trust and successful brands know this.

Brand Design For Ailsa Doc Make-Up Artist

It’s Time To Make Your Mark

Yes, there are probably a million people out there doing what you do but unique brand design allows you to stand out from the rest. Getting to the heart of what YOU do and how YOU do it differently is intrinsic to building a successful brand. It allows you to differentiate yourself from the masses and gives you your own authentic identity.

Your Brand Has Run Out Of Steam

When you first set out your brand design may have been an afterthought. Something you knew you had to do but weren’t really sure what the heck you were doing. Whilst this DIY approach may have served you for a while, it’s no longer representing who you are and how you do things differently. You’ll also have found that your brand materials are becoming more and more diluted as you try to make never ending tweaks and changes…

…but it’s never quite right.

Is it time?

If you know that now is the time then we want to help you.

Brand Design for Alicia Marie Weddings

We want to give you the confidence to get out there and shout about what makes you special. You can contact us here for a chat and don’t forget to take a look at some of the amazing Makers and Creators we have helped along the way.

Speak soon!

Hannah and Toby xx

Brand Photography by Karina Lax Photography

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