Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Consultations

I'd like to arrange a brand consultation. How does this work?

If you've taken a look at our client page, you will know just how much we enjoy the process of branding creative businesses. We know that great branding should tell the real story behind who you are and will help to set you way above the rest.

If you'd like to discuss the branding of your business then email us here or send us a message through our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest). We will then arrange a good time for us to meet and chat through your ideas. Brand consultations give us a good opportunity to find out more about your business and your clients. We can also arrange a discussion via telephone or email so please don't worry if you're based out of our studio area!


Web Design

Can you tell me more about the web design process?

All of our websites are built in Wordpress using a theme which is bespoke to your business. Once we have met you and learnt a little more about your vision, we will begin building your site using the highest quality imagery and bespoke typography. We will send you a home page preview once this is complete so that you can really start to visualise the feel of your site. As we continue building your website you will receive a temporary log in so that you can view the imagery and wording as it is added.

I'm really struggling with the wording for my site. Can you help?

Yes we can! Explaining what you do and how you do it can be really tricky. After spending time with you we can create interesting content which clearly explains what makes your business special.

Can I use my own photography on the website?

We are passionate about the use of high quality imagery and the overall aesthetics of your website. The use of beautiful, professional photography sets your business apart and is an absolute must when instilling confidence in your brand! A photo snapped quickly on your phone or taken from your Facebook page, is going to lack professionalism and won't have the necessary qualities to be used successfully.

For an additional fee we can arrange a photography shoot where you will have access to high quality imagery that can be used on your website and social media platforms. Our shoot charges begin at £150.00.

How much will a site cost?

Every business is unique and because of this our services are tailored exactly to your needs. If you'd like a quotation then get in touch and we can discuss precisely what you need.

All of our services require a 50% deposit before work can begin.

Are there additional charges?

Our charges include the hosting of your website for one year, domain name, three email inboxes and the design and implementation of your website. After a year you will need to pay a fee to hold the domain name, hosting and SSL certificate. This is approximately £100.00 per year.

SEO optimisation is not included in our charges but can be arranged for an additional fee.

Will my website be instantly found?

For an additional fee, we will ensure that the pages of your site are basically optimised for search engines but it's always a good idea to think about employing an SEO specialist to improve your Google ranking. Ensure that your site is regularly updated and think about blogging, linking your site to a range of social media and ensuring that your content is relevant and up to date. It can take a little while for Google to recognise your site and to appear higher in the rankings, but with time and effort this is definitely achievable.

Logo Design

I'm just beginning and would love a logo. Can you help?

If you are looking for a beautifully designed logo that showcases your business then we can help. Once we have discussed your vision through a brand consultation, we will begin drafting three logo designs which will be sent to you via email. We offer three complimentary refinements to your design and subsequent amends are charged at £25.00. Once you are completely happy with your design we will send you the final files; your logo will also be sized accordingly to sit across all of your social media platforms.

How much do you charge for logo design?

Our logo design fee starts at £400.00.

Can you share font files?

We use a range of modern and elegant typography which is consistent with our brand ethos and reflects our design experience. Unfortunately due to licensing laws we are unable to share font files with clients or other agencies you may work with.