Five Reasons Why Visitors Aren’t Engaging With Your Website

Image by Sarah Folega

We hear so many creatives tell us that their website is no longer working for them or that visitors just seem to disappear as soon as they land on a page. They’ve looked at their analytics and folk aren’t sticking around or they’re receiving virtually no enquiries through their contact form.


Well, there are lots of reasons why a website might have lost it’s sparkle but more often than not it’s down to one of the following issues:

It’s Not Reflecting What You Do

If your services are outdated or worded in a way that sound confusing or uninspiring, you’re sending mixed messages. Your social media profiles might be showing one thing, whilst your website isn’t reflecting the same offering. Make sure you spend time editing or drilling down further into what you do and HOW you do it so that visitors have a really clear understanding of how you can help them with their problem.

It’s Hard To Navigate

Website visitors are all about simplicity. Nobody has the time to spend hours looking for the information they need. If you have more than six menu options then try to reduce these down and then add your additional services under your main menu options. Can you categorise your offerings and group these together to make navigation super easy?

Once you’ve minimised your menu bar, think about the journey you want to take your visitors on. Which page do you want them to visit first? Where do you ultimately want to send them? How will you get them there? Use call-to-action buttons throughout your website to lead them smoothly through your site.

The Website Platform Isn’t Working For You

If you’re designing your site yourself then make sure you’re really confident with laying out text, typography design and image sizing. WordPress is an amazing platform but only if you have in-depth knowledge of how to use it in the right way. Instead, spend the time getting familar with a platform such as Squarespace and avoid overcomplicating things. If a website is poorly designed and folk don’t like what they see, they’ll be off.

WordPress Website Design by Bonny and Clyde Design Studio

Using Unprofessional Photography

We bang on about this all the time but using poor quality imagery is an absolute no-no on a website and will really deter people from making contact. Your work deserves to be shown in the most beautiful way so always make this a priority. Keep checking that your imagery is consistent. Are you using lighter, brighter photos or images with a darker vibe.

Stick to this theme throughout so that the website journey flows beautifully.

Professional Studio Photography by Karina Lax Photography

It’s A Little Unloved

A site left to fester is effectively a dead site! Show it some love by keeping it fresh and updated. Change out images, add new testimonials and write that blog post. Visitors to your site need to know that your content is relevant to encourage them to get in touch. Google will constantly trawl your site for new information and updating your content will not only keep visitors happy but increase your chances of your website being found.

If all this stuff just fries your brain then remember we have our website online guide launching soon! It will talk you through the steps to making sure your website works for you and allow you to get those visitors where you want them.

More details coming soon!

For now, you can find more tips and insights on our blog pages or get in touch if you’d like to chat about how we can help you to improve your online visibility!

Hannah and Toby x

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