Five Brand Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In 2023

Well we’re kicking off the new year with the first blog post of 2023 (I almost wrote 2022 there which usually happens until around June!)

In the spirit of ‘easing’ ourselves gently through the depths of January, here are few simple ways to make sure you move your brand forward without falling into old habits. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to showcasing your brand identity or when you’re trying to pull together all the elements that make your creative business so special.

It feels overwhelming.
Really difficult.
Stupidly faffy.

It really doesn’t have to be, so here are a few things to try and avoid this year and we promise you don’t need any ‘design skills’ to get your head around this stuff.

Not Believing In Your Brand

If you don’t believe in the service you’ve created or the product you’re selling then you can’t expect others to buy into it either.

It’s completely normal to have days where you question everything about your business and where you are heading, but unless you truly believe in your own worth then it all begins to fall down.

Even if there are a trillion people doing what you do, they won’t be doing it the way YOU do it. The way you speak to your audience will be unique. The customer journey will be entirely different, the finished product or service will have been created by you and that’s why you were chosen.

Always try to remember this when you’re wobbling about your offering!

Being Inconsistent

Stop faffing with your brand identity!

If you’re unhappy with the way your brand is represented or you’ve fallen out of love with it, there will be a tendency to start tweaking elements. Changing a colour here because you quite like it, borrowing a font there because it looks quite nice, adding an element to your logo because you ‘think’ it needs something extra – all of these things lead to inconsistency and a confused brand. Unless you’re a professional brand designer, your audience is going to start to wonder what the heck is going on, and if you’re confused?

Well they will be too.

Always wait until you’re ready to invest in professional brand design before attempting to make any significant changes. In the meantime sit down and really consider who you want to work with in the future and begin a moodboard which will allow you to dig deeper into the brand feeling you’re trying to create. You can read all about moodboarding here, so have a read when the time is right.

Please Don’t Hide

We hear it often.

“I’ve done everything to get my brand out there but no one is buying”

A beautiful brand identity is pointless if you’re going to hide behind it. There is always a person running a business and your clients want to see you, hear you, and know you.

Only then can they trust you.

Think about your own purchasing habits. How long does it take you before you feel confident in pushing the ‘buy now’ button? What do you need to know first? Try hard to put yourself in the shoes of the people you’re trying to attract to your creative business.

What can you do to ensure you build a level of trust?

Trust leads to selling which in turn makes for a more profitable and viable business. You can’t instill this confidence if you’re never going to show yourself or shout about just how brilliant you are.

Believing Blogging Is Pointless

It’s not!

Blogging is an incredible way to build your brand and show people you know what you’re talking about.

Because you do.

Think of blogging as a series of roads and avenues which will lead people right into your world – people that may never have found you otherwise. Your target audience is crying out for you to help them solve a problem. This could be through posting advice on choosing seasonal wedding flowers, or tips on how to correctly purchase a handmade item.

They NEED you.

If you’re still unsure about the benefits, then this article here might help.

Being Unclear On Your Brand Messaging

Building a brand is made up of two very distinct elements.

Brand Identity and Brand Messaging.

We can get really caught up in spending hours trawling Pinterest to gather inspo for our brand visuals, but often the messaging behind our business gets lost. This is AS important as all the pretty bits n bobs.

Take the time this year to really think about the following:

What does your brand stand for?

What do you care about?

What values do you share with your clients?

Do your clients understand what you offer and what makes you unique?

Start to drill down what separates you from others. Ok, we create brand and web design for the Makers and Creators as do a million others. However, they won’t share our values of sincerity, simplicity, creative joy, authenticity, and honesty.

They are not US and your competitors are not YOU.

If it’s all becoming a bit much then we’re here to help. It might be time to get a professional pair (or two pairs!) of eyes on your brand identity and messaging, so do get in touch. Our design diary is open from April onwards and the studio is ready for 2023 consultations (I hate that word but let’s go with it for now.)

Now go forth and conquer Creatives!

Hannah and Toby xx

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