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Hannah Stubbs

Do I Really Need A Website?

25 September 2019

With the huge rise of social media advertising, we are often asked whether a website is a worthy financial investment for a small business. Whilst platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are brilliant for promoting what you do, they are only part and parcel of a wider marketing strategy.

As most of us know, a website helps customers learn more about what you do (but more importantly) in a manner which you control. Social media channels are set up in a format which has to be adhered to, but the design of your site will allow you to direct visitors to specific aspects of your business in the way YOU choose. A professional website can drastically improve the overall aesthetic of your business image and will help to enhance the ethos behind your brand.

As well as directing customers to content that you want them to see, owning a website allows you to connect with existing customers and to link in through email or other channels. It adds value to your unique service and is a great way to keep customers coming back when they need you.

Having a stable online presence also ensures that important details are clearly fixed and easily understood. Potential customers can often miss those little elements when browsing quickly through social media (opening times, new offers, upcoming events) and it's important that businesses have somewhere 'solid' to point their audience. All of these benefits are therefore reliant on businesses owning a well maintained and well designed website.

There aren't many businesses that can survive without a strong Web presence and it might be worth asking why you wouldn't want to showcase the very best of what you do in a clear and informative manner? Finding that a new business doesn't own a website can be disconcerting and begs the question, why not?!

We understand the financial constraints of setting up your own business but also know that marketing your business with creative web design is an absolute must. We actively champion the rise of small independent businesses and believe that our clients should have the opportunity to really stand out amongst the masses without spending huge amounts on corporate design agencies. With this in mind, we have developed our 'Fledgling Package;' an introductory web design package for start-up businesses who are looking to take the leap into promoting their brand. This package will include a bespoke logo, a beautifully designed one-page website, and a new email address. Contact us directly to find out more, and do get in touch if you're looking to take that big leap into promoting your business. Good luck and we can't wait to hear from you!