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Letterpress Stationery by The Dairy Studio

Branded Stationery. What’s the point?

You’ll have heard us say it a million times. A brand is not a logo.

A logo will never be enough to create a recognisable and distinctive identity for your creative business which is why it’s so important to give your audience every opportunity to see and hear you through a variety of visuals. Whilst we can beaver away updating our websites and making sure our identity is consistent, there are so many other ways to incorporate your branding in a unique and memorable way.

So meet the wonderful Maker and Creator, Lizzie…

The Dairy Studio

Working from the beautiful North Devon Countryside, Lizzie creates personalised letterpress and hot foil brand stationery for your creative business. If there’s ever a way to create a lasting first impression, then sending out timeless stationery like this is the way to do it. A ‘thank you for working with us’ email is fine and dandy, but receiving a little something in the post is always going to send the message that you go above and beyond the rest and sets you apart from others in your industry.

It’s extra effort but committing to these added details goes a long way to cementing your brand ethos and what you stand for.

Hot Foil Stationery by The Dairy Studio

Stamping Your Identity

At The Dairy Studio, Lizzie uses her letterpress and hot foil printer to add your brand identity to a whole host of stunning pieces. From personalised notes to thank you cards, swing tags and gift cards, each item is printed on heavyweight luxe card creating that, ‘ooooh this feels gorgeous’ moment (and who doesn’t want that?)

What Do You Need?

If you’ve gone through the rebranding process, now’s the time to start making a list.

You know we love a good list.

Write down all the current ways you interact with your audience on a visual level and look at where the gaps are emerging. Where can your brand identity be cemented? What brand collateral are you currently using that allows you to create a recognisable touch point for your creative business? Are you missing opportunities to brand your business in a memorable way?

Examples please…

  1. Do you send out personalised stationery when you first book a client? A thank you card? A handwritten note? Yes it takes a few extra minutes out of your day but it makes the difference because other people just don’t do it.
  2. How about a welcome pack that includes all the information your client will need as they work alongside you? This is multi beneficial as it stops frequently asked questions being asked and also gives you the opportunity to add value to what you do.
  3. If you sell a physical product are you including a little note that thanks the buyer for supporting an independent business? Now more than ever we need to be championing those who support and encourage the indie market to thrive and grow.
  4. Do you have a little something to hand out should folk be interested in working with you? Think beyond the typical corporate business card. Is there a shape or texture within your brand identity that can be used to create something really special? We guarantee that if you think a little more about these details, they won’t get tossed in the bin.
  5. Product tags? Attaching branded tags to your items allows you another opportunity to get your brand identity in front of as many people as possible. You’re giving yourself the chance to stay imprinted on the minds of those you work with and this leads to brand recognition.

Once you’ve created your list, and you’re ready to think about printing, Lizzie will talk you through the process to make sure that your brand identity is used consistently across each piece and then work her magic to produce something really pretty special.

The 1930’s Vicobold Letterpress at The Dairy Studio

If you’d like to know more about working with Lizzie at The Dairy Studio then you can find lots more info here. Don’t forget that if you’re working alongside us on your rebrand then we’re always here to advise and guide you through the multitude of options; there are so many ways to imprint your brand identity across a whole range of platforms and this shouldn’t be an after thought. It’s an important part of showcasing your creative business and we’re always here for that.

You can read more about our brand design process here or just pop us a line through our handy contact form.

See you soon!

Hannah, Toby and of course Lizzie xx

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