Abbieddesign: Personalised Prints, Sheffield

Abbieddesign: Personalised Prints, Sheffield

Creative Sheffield

Sheffield is full of brilliant Makers and Creators and we always love to champion those who go above and beyond to create something special for the people they work with. This month we’re here to shout about some of these passionate Independents and to offer a platform to showcase their unique talents!

Bespoke Personalised Prints

As a Sheffield based designer Abbie is passionate about depicting people’s lives, interests and relationships through her artwork. Whilst studying at uni she worked on a number of freelance projects which inspired her to take the plunge and begin experimenting with her strengths.

Being able to focus on the excitement of creating artwork is my biggest drive. I realised I’d been holding back and settling for jobs that didn’t fulfill me but I now know THIS is what makes me happy and fuels my creativity.

Having experimented with a number of mediums, Abbie is now focused on producing digital prints which map people’s interests, relationships, ‘special places’ and life milestones.

This work almost feels childish in a sophisticated way; it’s playful and simplistic yet intricately detailed. The collage of doodles allows people to zoom in on different areas whilst taking a trip down memory lane.

When creating personalised prints, Abbie listens to her clients as they discuss the moments and objects that hold a special place in time for them; weaving these details into a piece which then surprises and delights in equal measure! Her work is full of personality and her love of people allows her to hone in on their little traits and quirks that can be incorporated into her designs.

It’s great to listen to people’s stories; it makes the whole design experience much more personal.

Abbie is always looking to explore new concepts and ideas and is also available for commissions. She is currently working on a number of projects and you can take a look at her brilliant work by following along on Instagram. You’ll also find more info there about how to order personalised prints and details about her bespoke design work.

Best of luck with all your future design work Abbie!

We are always here to champion fellow designers and shout about passionate independents who are helping to build more creative communities. If you’re looking to work alongside us, then you can find out more right here.

See you soon!

Hannah and Toby x

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